Abstract numberTitlePresenting authorAll authors
P01Use of external circular fixation as adjuvant surgical procedure in treatment of charcot midfoot osteomyelitis: a randomized prospective studyLuca Dalla Paola, ItalyLuca Dalla Paola | Anna Carone | MARIA LUISA VALENTE | MARIANNA MUCIGNAT | Giulia Baldazzi | TERESA GABELLINI
P02Surgical Offloading for Charcot Foot in JapanShinobu Ayabe, JapanShinobu Ayabe
P03Spinal cord stimulation is efficacy for pain control of chronic limb-threatening ischemiaYuta Terabe, JapanYuta Terabe
P04Topical controlled warm oxygen therapy delivered through a novel device to treat diabetic foot ulcersSanjay Sharma, IndiaSanjay Sharma | Anirudh V | Deepak Kamat | Maruthy kn
P05Prompt Identification, Surgery and Antibiotic Therapy (PISA) Protocol for necrotizing fasciitis in patients with diabetic foot syndromeRavikiran NaallaRavikiran Naalla
P06Outcomes of out-patient tendo-Achilles lengthening and weight-bearing total contact casts for patients with diabetic forefoot ulcersMadhu Tiruveedhula, United KingdomMadhu Tiruveedhula | Ankur Thapar | Anna Graham | Shiva Dindyal | Michael Mulcahy
P07Partial Calcanectomy and Silo technique in a single stage treatment for Calcaneal Osteomyelitis.Nijil Vasukutty, United KingdomNijil Vasukutty | Ashim Wokhlu
P08An underestimated modifiable risk factor for diabetic foot ulcer: Late presentation is highly associated with amputation as a first treatment.Kaissar Yammine, LebanonKaissar Yammine | Fady Hayek | Chahine Assi
P09COVID-19 and the Impact on Lower Limb Amputation, a Pandemic Within the Podiatric Community: A Retrospective Comparative StudyReema Naman,Reema Naman | Ilham Syed | Kimberlee Hobizal | Tresa Wize
P10Optimization for the improvement in the outcome of autodermoplasty in patients with diabetic foot syndromeSvyrydov Mykola, UkraineSvyrydov Mykola | Kanwarjit Singh | Andrie Holodnikov
P11Diabetic ulcers versus traumatic soft tissue defects of the foot and ankle area: A comparative study of the reverse sural fascio-cutaneous flapKaissar Yammine, LebanonKaissar Yammine | Camille Samaha | Chahine Assi