Become a Member!

Watch Venu Kavarthapu President´s video for more information why. 


Membership of IADFS is open to diabetic foot surgeons who actively work with the diabetic foot or for other reasons have an interest in surgery on the diabetic foot.

To meet the membership criteria you must have a degree in a surgical discipline and either currently be, or  have been, performing surgery on the diabetic foot. Foot surgeons without diabetic foot experience must motivate their interest when applying for membership.

Honorary memberships may be granted to distinguish professionals who have made extraordinary contributions to IADFS or to development of surgery on the diabetic foot.

Representatives from the industry may be member of the association, but are not allowed to stand for or vote in elections for the IADFS Board.

Membership benefits

  • Become a part of an international network of surgeons working with diabetic foot syndrome
  • Receive a membership certificate confirming your involvement in IADFS
  • Get a discount on the registration to IADFS and its partners organized events.
  • In 2019, IADFS members had the opportunity to get a discount on registration to the ADFS Cadaver course 2019 and DFCon19 (Diabetic Foot Global Conference 2019).   
  • In 2020, IADFS members can get for free access to a series of IADFS webinars live/on demand and receive CME points by answering on the post-webinar questionnaires. 

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is

  • €100 for ordinary members
  • €150 for industry representatives

Membership fees should be paid upon acceptance of membership either by bank transfer or with credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Please note that yearly memberships will follow a calendar year (i.e 01/01 – 31/12)

If a member wish to terminate his or her membership, this must be done in writing to the Secretariat -

How to Apply for Membership

To apply for membership please fill in the membership form and submit this along with your CV to

The IADFS membership form can be downloaded here: IADFS membership form

Evaluations of new applicants will be undertaken by the IADFS board.

Once your membership application has been evaluated you will be notified. If your application has been approved you will receive a link to follow for final subscription.